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James Stanley Daugherty considers himself to be a philosopher, poet, and spiritual adventurer. He was born in Kentucky and still gets nostalgic with the scents of bluegrass, horses, honeysuckle and bourbon whiskey. He spent the early seventies as a road hippy exploring the counter-cultural phenomenon that then blossomed throughout America.


Since then he as worked as an archaeologist, photo lab technician, van driver, librarian, international data clerk, tech writer, mailman, cat breeder, photographer, stock investor and other miscellaneous trades. He also done a bit of traveling, and has logged in over two million airline miles.


He is over-educated. He started out as a philosophy major at Centre College in Kentucky. He obtained his BS in Anthropology from the University of Oregon, his Master of Philosophy degree from the University of Auckland , New Zealand and won a Scholarship for his Master of Fine Arts from the Art Academy College of San Francisco. He has also studied at a number of other institutions, including Ohio Wesleyan, University of Oregon, Northwestern University, University of Montana, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, UC Santa Cruz, College of San Mateo, Lane County Community College, DeAnza Community College, Cañada College, and UC Berkeley.


He runs a coconut grove in Maui, and has venues in Oregon and Nevada.


He has served as a lecturer and presenter at seminars and conferences as well as at science fiction and steampunk conventions. His rates are less than those of Bill Clinton and he brings in fewer protesters than Donald Trump.


Then in his sixties he branched out into several new careers at once. As the president of Barking Frog Innovations, LLC., James has helped to oversee the investment in several enterprises.


 He started Finca San Agustin, an experimental organic agricultural farm in Mexico working to combine ancient Maya land practices and modern organic farming.  They are raising chickens, turkeys, goats, and a few horses and growing extensive avocado, neem, orange, lemon, and banana trees.
 They have planted corn and the best tasting watermelons on the planet. They are beginning to establish a farm-to-table operation for the local Flycatcher Inn Retreat, including squash, chai, dragonfruit, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs.


He is the Mystic Madman behind Mystic Madness Myth & Media a production house for photographic, video and audio programs and products. He and the Mystic Madness Myth & Media team are working on producing a series of Qi Gong videos featuring the instructor Justin Nielsen of Four Directions Healing Arts. The video series will appeal to both beginners and long time practitioners and allow them to follow along with Justin and progress at their own rate. James is particularly excited about the Geezer Gong” program that will concentrate on movements for the more mature practitioner.


He is working to organize the Transformational Adventure Group, a series of programs based in the jungle using sound, movement, and lectures to assist people in re-inventing themselves. Its tag line is, TAG, you’re it.”


James adores dogs, cats and snakes. He likes hiking in the jungle. He enjoys wearing hats. He savors fine dining and tasting new foods. He is a passionate bird watcher. He goes to Burning Man almost every year. He collects fine art photography, tiki mugs, books, and Maya art. He continues to flourish as an Innkeeper, Art Patron, Archaeologist, and a Photographer. He enjoys his life.


You can follow his ramblings on his Blog.

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