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James Stanley Daugherty, MPH, MFA



James Stanley Daugherty holds a Master of Philosophy degree from the University of Auckland , New Zealand and a Master of Fine Arts from the Art Academy College of San Francisco. He has also studied at a number of other institutions, including Centre College, Ohio Wesleyan, University of Oregon, Northwestern University, University of Montana, University of Illinois Circle Campus, University of Kentucky, UC Santa Cruz, College of San Mateo, Lane County Community College, DeAnza Community College, Canada College, and UC Berkley.


He currently sits on the boards of The San Mateo Museum of Art , the Ultimate Eye Foundation , and Conventional Wisdom .


He is in demand as a panelist and lecturer at various conventions and forums, speaking on such diverse topics as mermaids, censorship, copyrights, the craft of photography, figurative photography, Tiki culture, and the feasibility of hyperdrive space propulsion.

Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement can be found in the Bonus Material Section.



Cover of Autumn 2002 N Magazine
May/June 2002 issue of Zoom Magazine
Digital Photo I
Graphis Nudes 2
Graphis Nudes 3 .
Serpent of the People

jsd in hnad

James Stanley Daugherty has an interest in mythical places and makes his home in Maui, San Francisco and Las Vegas .




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