What do you do?

Location: Walker Lake, Nevada

Again, this is an essay question.

I am a photographer archiving my past work, and involved is several ongoing photo projects.
I am a producer for Mystic Madness Myth and Media.
I am a businessman starting up a Transformational Journey program.
I am an archaeologist, studying the ancient Maya.
I am a speaker giving presentations at various conventions and seminars.
I am an agronomist, working with experimental agriculture.
I am an owner of multiple properties, building a new structure, and making plans for more.
I am a stock investor working to finance the start up of all these projects.

Can I do this on my own?

No, I have found much to my surprise, that I have scaled up to where I can no longer work as a sole individual, or as a two person partnership, but am now a corporate executive over a complicated empire. I am blessed with a terrific staff, but all of us are in for some very interesting times.

What a shock. My wife tells me that sometimes I am developing the mindset of a typical startup executive.

She does not mean this as a complement.