Where are you from?

Location: Lahaina, Hawaii

For many the question “Where do you live and what do you do?” requires a simple answer.

For others it is an essay question.

I divide my time between my hacienda in the Yucatan, a palm tree grove in Maui, the ancient desert waters of Walker Lake, the art ghettos of San Francisco and the sacred hills above Las Vegas. All places where myth and reality have become so commingled that there is not actual distinction between the real and the surreal.

I was born in Kentucky and still get nostalgic with the scents of bluegrass, horses, honeysuckle and bourbon whiskey. As a young man I worked briefly as a community organizer in Chicago, but was too much of an anarchist to catapult this into a political career. Instead, I spent the early seventies as a road hippy exploring the counter-cultural phenomenon that then blossomed throughout America. Since then I have worked as an archaeologist, photo lab technician, van driver, librarian, tech writer, mailman, cat breeder, investor and other miscellaneous trades.

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