Does life have its ups and downs?

Location: Sacramento, California

Well, it certainly does on a water slide.

I experienced my first water slide today as part of a birthday treat for my eight year old granddaughter.  We both had a great time.

She had a bit of fear about the slide down.  I had a bit of fear about the climb up.

Ah, so many steps. It is a good thing that I have been practicing climbing Mayan pyramids.

I am still not sure if swirling around at great force in a dark wet tube is not insane. I can claim in my defense, that I had no idea what I was getting into when I first climbed the tower and sat at the top of the slide.

But, how can I explain my climbing back up and wanting to do it again and yet again?  The hardware in our brains that creates an overlap between pleasure and terror is still a mystery to me.

Paying homage to an old friend

Location: Half Moon Bay, California

I have just attended a life celebration for my
dear artist friend, Arabella Decker.

I feel that the world is a lesser place without her. She was passionate about her art, and her art was full of passion.

There is a hole in the world where she used to be.