Is it dry in Las Vegas?

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is in the desert. It is usually hot and dry, but there are the occasional thunderstorms, and we had a flock of them today.

I happened to experience one on the highway.

I was on the roads today, I needed to get some legal documents in before 4 PM. The sky was overcast.

Then there were a few drops of rain.

Then more rain.
Heavy rain.
The kind of rain that bounces a foot or more when it hits your car hood.

Then banging sounds.

Sounds like someone is hitting the roof with a ball preen hammer.
This must be hail.
It is hail.
Hail the size of maraschino cherries.
Then lots of hail.
Hail like two hundred baboons hurling stones with all their might.

I continue to drive.

In traffic.
With little visibility.
The streets are now stream beds.

After twenty minutes the rain slows down.
The temperature was 105 degrees when I started this journey.
Now it is 60 degrees.

But the water remains.

With torrents of water rushing down.
I see orange construction barrels floating down like abandoned canoes.
There are cars in odd places.
Stalled with their hazard lights flashing.


The only way to tell if the water is one inch deep or ten inches is to watch the other cars on the highway.
Crossing the intersection is like fording a wild river.
Something I would never ever do unless I had just seen the car in front of me make it safely

I make it slowly to my destination, and slowly back home.

The reports said that we had 1.4 inches of rain in less than an hour.
The annual average rain here is 4.19 inches.

The folks at home say, “Wow. We had a big storm here. Did you catch any of it?”

Well, yes. Actually I did.


Location: Sparks, Nevada


Today is the solstice and our first wedding anniversary, and there was a wonderful full moon last evening.

Looks like a good time for new beginnings.

A Moment of Solitude

Location: Walker Lake, Nevada

I have been spending a few days in solitude at Walker Lake, Nevada.
Here there are no other people and few distractions.

It is a chance for me to focus, read, contemplate and work.

I’m also taking a break from news and social media.
The recent waves of political energy have shattered my image of America as a rational and tolerant domain.

Taking to the Trees

Location: Tahoe City, Nevada

Some of you may remember my adventures a few weeks ago plunging down the water slides.  Just to show that some people can’t leave well enough alone.

I decided try out an treetops ropes course.

This is where you climb up twenty to fifty feet up and ride zip lines, climb cargo nets, walk tight ropes, and walk on a boardwalks. Except the boardwalks are free swinging boards and logs and platforms.

Treetop Course

Perhaps I was a bit too ambitious and should have started on the beginner’s course, the one where they allow five year olds. But I naively took the advanced course.

I am not saying I was out of shape.

I am in perfectly good shape for a social security dude waking on flat ground, and heck I have no real problems with stepping on planks that are not moving under my feet.

But I should have started training for this a bit earlier…say in 1996. 

I did make it through some of the courses, but only with the help of my younger coworkers. Some groups do this for team building.  I think in my case it was more of a rescue mission.

I would come to an impasse halfway through an obstacle they would shout things like, “It’s OK, James. Take your time. Rest for a bit,” and I would say, “I will. I will. I think I’ll rest here until next Thursday.”


They say wisdom comes with age. I looked around me and figured that I was at least twenty years older than anyone else on the course. I think the wiser elders had enough sense to stay away.

Nonetheless I tested my limits, and I survived, and except for the times I spent whimpering, I had a fabulous time.

Father of the Bride

Location: Incline Village, Nevada

Today my role was Father of the Bride.

A Lovely Bride.
A Lovely Day.
A Lovely Wedding.

Me with my top hat and she all dressed up as the bride.


Walking her down the isle and presenting her as the bride…
It was one of the proudest moments of my life.