Is it time to eat yet?

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

Why yes, it is harvest time.

We have an abundance of corn.


And a field full of ripe watermelons.

Watermelon 2

I wish you could join us here in Santa Elena so we could share with you our succulent corn and the juiciest, sweetest, tastiest watermelons on the planet.

Watermelon 3

Are there bugs in Mexico?

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

Being surrounded by a swarm of wasps is scary.
Being surrounded by gnats is annoying.
But,being caught is a swirl of butterflies is utterly magical.

Orange butterflies, white butterflies, tiny salt and pepper butterflies, and giant yellow ones, madly circling, fluttering, and giving a sense of wonder as I walk along the path.

Any more news on the frogs?

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

Ah Ha!

lilly pond

The ground cover here has many exposed limestone shelfs with etched shapes and often have rounded pockets that fill with water in the rainy season. On my walk this morning a close inspection reveals thousands of frog eggs.

It looks like the courting has been successful.

What is it like in the rainy season?

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

Tis’ the rainy season.

The night storms are spectacular. The lightning, the thunder, the sound of the rain pelting the forest. This is indeed a time for lovers.

Particularly if you are a frog.

Many creatures dislike the dampness of the rain, not so these vocal amphibians. Some of them sing in a syncopated chorus, others are competitive soloists seeking to out sing any and all completion. Some of them croak, other twitter like birds, but the noisiest are those that sound like bicycle horns.

I hope that the lady frogs appreciate this mad serenade and fully expect to soon see puddles full of tadpoles.

How do you like being a farmer?

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

There is something magical about leaving an empty field and coming back a month later to see vast crops of corn.
And not only corn, but the dragon fruits are in bloom, the squash plants are producing, and we have a few ripening watermelons.
Watermelon 1

Watermelon 2

We also have a pregnant filly and over fifty turkeys.