Starlight, star bright…

Location: Searchlight, Nevada

Meter showers have been considered a grand entertainment long before YouTube and reality television. We decided to make the best of the show, so we packed up some blankets, pads, pillows, and a few snacks and drove 45 minutes south of Las Vegas to get away from the bright city lights. Then under the dark night skys, between moonset and dawn (2 AM to 5 AM) we lay on our backs to watch the Perseids meteor shower.

For most situations there is the metaphor for dusk being symbolic of obscuring truth and the dawn bringing light and clarity. With astronomy this is the exact opposite. The lighter the sky becomes, the less stars, planets, and meteors we can see.

The first thing that we notice is the Milky Way.

It has been there all the time, but with the bright city lights of Las Vegas, it is never quite visible. Then as our eyes become accustomed to the dark, more and more stars appear.

Then there is a bright brief streak of a meteor burning its path in random directions in the sky.

It may see silly, but we “Ooh” and “Aah” at every one of them. There seemed to be a meteor flashing about every 90 seconds.

We bring out our smart phones to verify the constellations and to see when the Hubble is moving across the sky.

With the coming of the daylight, the stars and meteors become harder to see. We pack up and head back to watch the sunrise, have a light snack, and finish our interrupted sleep

Out of curiosity, how do you sell your watermelons?

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

The bigger cities in the Yucatan have a few supermarkets, but most of the local Maya buy their produce either in tiny fruit and vegetable shops or in open air markets.

In the shops the only fruits that have the little round stickers are items like apples, that are grown in the USA.

In the markets you will see the local Maya behind tables with home grown bananas, mangos, tomatoes, squash, beans, or whatever is in season. The produce is fabulous and grown for eating rather than for shipping.

Our farm manager, Rosalva understands the local economy.

Watermelon 4

We bring small batches of produce like dragon fruits to the local vegetable shop on as as needed basis, and are bringing a truckload of watermelons to the markets in Muni and Oxkutzcab.