What did I like best?

Location: Eagle Point, Oregon

Visiting a ranch in Oregon, where I enjoyed looking for wildlife, climbing the hills, and riding around in an ATV.

But what I liked best, was simply paddling my canoe into the lake.

I could see the people far away on the shore, but here was just me, the lake, and my canoe. I love my friends and relatives, but the quiet and solitude was greatly recharging.

Then I head back to the delightful frenzy of a child’s birthday celebration. It is surprising how much fun and how messy the act of eating a cupcake can be.

Is it good to go off the grid?

Location: Black Rock City, Nevada

I have just finished an eight day fast from electronics.

Black Rock City

No smartphone.
No iPad.
No Fitbit.
No apps.
No computer games.
No social media.

I have no knowledge of the latest political scandals, scientific discoveries, or archeological finds.

Black Rock City

This can wait.

I was also out of contact with my friends, extended family, lawyers, employees, and contractors. If there were any crises, they would just had to deal with them without me for a week.

Black Rock City

I felt a little strange to be unplugged.

To be honest, I slept for the first three days. Then spent my time with meditation, self reflection, bonding, a bit more sleep, bicycle riding, and dancing my ass off.

Now that I am back, the world seems a little less urgent.