Archaeological Discoveries

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan


I have finally visited the archaeological site of Nohpat near Santa Elena. I was surprised at the extensiveness of the architecture. I climbed a pyramid that was 150 feet tall from the base. Its sides are aligned East West – North South and there is a cut at the top facing East that would be in line with the sun at the equinox. There were numerous other structures. They say there are over 200 structures here. There is a sacbé (ancient Maya paved road) here going in one direction to Uxmal and in the other direction to Kabah.

This was not a climb where the stone masons have stabilized each stone in the last century. Nor could you could get to the site without having the path cleared by machete. I previously mentioned that exploring Kiuic was a bit off the beaten path. Here you feel like you have stumbled into an entire city that looks like it has been abandoned for over a thousand years.

Well Okobi che’en Nohpat

We looked at the mouth of a well that was visited by Stephens and Catherwood, and used a thousand years ago. It follows a natural fissure in the rock and goes down who know deep. They offered to get some ropes and lower me down. I said, let me think about this.


A site near Nohpat it was excavated by Román Piña Chan with some restoration work done in the 1960’s, but over the last fifty rears, the forest has overgrown the site. It is most famous for a mural that has been removed to a museum in Merida. I do wonder about the practice of restoring a site, and then letting it return to the jungle.

Another Country

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

When living in Mexico, I can accept that the customs, values, and ways of life are different from what I experienced in the USA, because, after all, it is a foreign country.

Now, after the elections, I realize that the USA that I had lived in has transformed.

Those who have had their empowerment diminished or threatened, now feel free to voice their resentment, sometimes in very scary ways.

Those who had rising empowerment have had their hopes dashed, with the future looking very bleak indeed. It need not be a zero sum game, but is if the players define it as such.

I do not know what the future holds, but I do know that my America will never be the same.

Extra Credit

Location: Dzibanche, Quintana Roo, Mexico

There is balance in the force.

After finding the places that I wanted to see at Uxmal closed off, and no canals at Edzna, here we found a site archaeologist who took us to places that were off of the official tour.

Just a creature from the clear lagoon

Location: Hotel Laguna, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The room is rather stark.

It does have some fancy giant conch shell bed lights over the beds, but otherwise the room has no artwork. There is a room mirror over a desk shelf, but curiously there is no chair to sit on. There are some wrought iron chairs on the balcony, but these are a bit awkward to bring inside, and not the most comfortable for doing desk work.

I decided that my best option was to sit on the bed.

On the plus side, the room does have an excellent view of the lagoon.

Within five minutes of checking in, I was swimming in the waters. The lagoon is warm, pure and clear, and one of my favorite swimming holes.

Life in the ancient upscale suburbs

Location: Chicanná, Campeche, Mexico

Chicanná means Mouth of the Serpent in Mayan, and the Serpent’s Mouth structure is a special place of power.


There are no great pyramids here and the place is considered to be the home for the elite and rulers of the nearby site of Becán.


Dining with the eco-tourists

Location: Chicanná Ecovillage, Campeche, Mexico

A place for upscale Eco-tourists.

It is in the middle of the jungle, and they pride themselves on having no air conditioning. Most men staying have have facial hair and the ladies do not wear makeup.

They have an extensive menu, but service is slow, even by Mexican standards. It took them over an hour to take down our dinner orders.

The beds are extremely firm and the rooms are stark but clean.

The Winchester Mystery Pyramid

Location: Becán, Campeche, Mexico


The reconstruction of the buildings in Becán shows different steps belonging to different periods.


These staircases for no apparent reason and interior passageways give the site the sense of exploring a 3D Escher drawing.