The Center of the Universe

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

Part of my job as in innkeeper is to chat and swap stories with the guests.

During one evening of a night of mutual story telling, a lady turned to me and said, “Perhaps you are in the center of the universe. You don’t need to travel, the travelers come to you.”

So I studied up on what scientists had to say about the center of the universe.

The most excepted theory is that when the big bang occurred, everything did not start at one point and expand like a bomb going off, but that everything started at once and the space between matter started to expand and is still doing so today.

There was no single starting point.

Furthermore no one has been able to find an edge and many are not even sure that there is one. So as far as the center goes, the analogy they give is that it is like asking which point of the surface of a sphere is the center of the surface of the sphere?

The answer is none of them or any of them.
Take your pick.

If the universe is truly edgeless, then you can declare any place you like to be the effective center. So when people ask you if you think you are the center of the universe. You can answer, “Maybe not ‘the’ center, but I am ‘a’ center.” But, don’t get too cocky …so is the jerk that cut you off in traffic, and that whiny lady, and the big obnoxious dude.

Perhaps this means that you don’t have to go anywhere to find wisdom, if you want to attract it, wisdom will come to you.

Some interesting questions.
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