Coyote III

Location: San Jose California, USA

Each day I find new revelations about the Guadalupe River Walk. I have found a second statue of the old Coyote god, this time making the classic coyote howl. So if anyone asks me what do I think of San Jose, I can say that the Coyote still has a presence here, and if you are attentive, you can find pointers on walking the Coyote Way.

So was the convention successful? Yes by working the art show, I did not have to make a deep search to find my old friends and comrades, I met them through chance encounters when they came to view the art. As a program participant, I got to be behind the podium and pretend to be an expert. I also got to have a bio online, so I did not have to explain to everyone that I was now living in the Yucatan. And as an art show participant, I not only had the pleasure of having  people view my art, but also experienced the deeper pleasure of having my artwork purchased and finding a place in an appreciative home.