The Coyote Way

Location: San Jose California, USA

Each morning we make choices. Yesterday I wore a fancy steampunk hat, today I decided to wear my “Walker Lake Coyotes” T shirt.

My hotel is about a half mile from the Convention Center and I decided to take the scenic route along the Guadalupe River hiking trail. This sounds more bucolic than it actually is.  On the right, there is the river itself. I can see that they have engineered for a substantial amount of water flow, but now it is only six feet wide and runs in a concrete channel. On the left there is a modest homeless camp. For someone used to walking forest trails to get to breakfast, this is an interesting urban perspective.

But the highlight of my journey was when I got off the trail to get back to the city streets, there was a pillar with bronze coyote on top.  Perhaps this is indeed going to be a coyote day.

Indeed a few minutes later I stopped by a hotel for breakfast, and was invited to join an old acquaintance, Larry Niven, the science fiction author of “Ringworld” fame. I ordered a side of bacon and some coffee. The coffee arrived quickly, but the bacon, not at all. No problem, I simply went to the buffet, grabbed a plate and helped myself to the bacon. This is called doing it the Coyote Way