International borders, archaeology, and jaguars.

January 11, 2019 Location: Belize Zoo, Belize

This morning we recrossed the Guatemala-Belize border. We swapped our Guatemalan sanctioned bus, bus driver, and local guides for our Belizean bus, bus driver and guides. The crossing took over an hour and a half, but it was not overly hot and there were no border complications. Our international borders are imaginary lines that can have very real consequences.

We then visited the site of Cahal Pech.

Cahal Pech, Belize

This site was a royal palace compound. I was fascinated by the arched walls and passageways. I do not know if this was done for security reasons, of if it was an artistic fancy of the aristocracy, much like the gardens of the old British estates.

On the bus again and we had lunch at the San Ignacio Hotel where we had stayed before. I use this time to retrieve the missing wall connector for my laptop charger. This is good, but it took them a while to find it, and I am the last one on the bus. In my mind everyone is staring at me for holding them up for the next destination.

And perhaps they should, the next destination was the Belize Zoo. We only have an hour, but it is a fabulous zoo. I have been to zoos where they mimic the jungle. Here the zoo is the jungle. They have merely set up fences and pathways. I got some wonderful animal photos and got to see jaguars and harpy eagles up close. For those opposed to captive animals, be assured that the creatures here are rescue animals.

Jaguar Belize Zoo