Art History, Maya Style

Location: Bonampak, Chiapas, Mexico

Bonampak has the greatest surviving painted Maya murals. They are a wonder to behold.  But it is interesting to compare the originals with the reproductions at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. The reproductions are larger and have the colors fully restored. But the originals give one a sense of time and connection with the ancients.

View of the wall paintings at Bonampak
Recreation of Bonampak at the National Museum of Anthropology

Overnighting at a river along an international border seems quite metaphoric to me as I drift on this journey of life, but it is the sounds that bend the space and time within my consciousness.  I still find the sound of the howler monkeys at night to be quite exotic. I know that I am in the Central American jungle. But am I in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico or ???  And for the locals, I presume that they find it quite ordinary, much as I slept through the voices and traffic sounds when I lived in downtown San Francisco. But all these sounds evoke a sense of place and time for me. Now when I hear soft roar of the weed eaters from our grounds crew, it takes me back to sound of lawnmowers in my ancient roots in suburbia. Back in Santa Elena I sleep to the sound of crickets and awake to the sounds of forest birds. I am a photographer. I like to play with the light. But I think that it is the sounds that are playing with me.