Far From the Olmecs at Home

Location; Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico.

I am off on another excursion with The Archaeological Conservancy. This time to explore the Olmecs of Tabasco and the Maya of Chiapas.  I checked into the Fiesta Inn in Villahermosa. It is in walking distance to La Venta Park and I strolled down to see the sights.  I bought some spicy peanuts and a fresh cut coconut to wash them down. Lovely. The park is a combination zoo and archaeological park. The zoo is one of those sad concrete and chain affairs. It particularly distressed me to see the inclosed coyotes. But when you get past the zoo, something magical happens. Here is a collection of original Olmec heads placed in a Mexican jungle with meandering paths leading up to them.

My words are not adequate in describing the giant Olmec heads. I had seen pictures of them, but this was my first time in seeing the real thing. They are magnificent. They invoke power. They invoke spirituality. They invoke wonder. We humans produced nothing like them before, and have quite frankly not produced anything quite like them since. They are well worth the journey to Villahermosa.