Post Processing

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatán, Mexico

Now that the migrations have passed, there are fewer species to admire, and the rains have made the birdbaths less of a gathering place. I still hopefully peer out the window, but there are less photographic opportunities. 

This morning I saw one Yellow Bunting and one Indigo Bunting. I don’t know if these are fellows that don’t like to follow crowds, of if these are the nerdy dudes that everyone “forgets” to invite to the party. 

With fewer birds to photograph, I am working on my backlog of images. I am doing more editing and adding identification tags to the images. I study each image, then realize that I had totally misidentified that raptor. I am left with the unknown birds and the not quite sure identifications. I delve into the books. I check online. There are subtle differences between the Common Ground Dove and the Ruddy Ground Dove that I wish I had known when I was seeing them live, or perhaps the bird in question is actually a red variation of a Blue Ground Dove. Birding is definitely not an activity for those who insist on completion.

I do miss the migratory birds, but I am grateful that they have been here at all, and that they decided to grace me for a few weeks with their presence and their beauty. I also marvel that they manage to travel so far and so accurately. Apparently one of their senses is magnetism, which they use to sense the earth’s magnetic field. That would be kind of like us having a GPS chip implanted in our brains.

Again, I express my gratitude. I, while under quarantine have managed to photograph over fifty species of birds without leaving my house. As I think this over, as there are fifty two weeks in the year, and I have photographs of over fifty two species of birds, I will feature one bird a week in my blog for the next year.