More Nests

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatán, Mexico

The concept of birds building nests is absolutely astonishing. Different species build different types, but they all seem to work. I amazes me that they know what materials to gather, when together them and how to put it together in a functional manner. And it is done by instinct. Mom birds don’t teach their daughters where to find the best twigs. Dad birds don’t give their sons construction tips. There are no construction academies, how to books or Youtube videos for birds. The manual comes packaged in their DNA. 

Apparently the birds have decided that my yard in a good place to raise kids. There are two nests being built in my back yard. These are both rather large nests. The Great Kiskadee’s nest is made of simple twigs, but the nest for the Rose-throated Becard is more of an art piece. They have found bits of plastic and colored cloth and are taking pains to make their place a showpiece. 

Great Kiskadee and nest
female Rose-throated Becard and nest