Stepping back.

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatán, Mexico

You have to realize that I even though I am a birder, I do not use binoculars. I use my camera as my bird viewing mechanism. When doing so, I click the shutter whenever I see a good shot, or whenever I see a lousy shot, but I am unsure of the bird identification.  I can always discard the bad ones in post production. Some days I have been taking over two hundred pictures.

Then it becomes time for post-production. The first step is to discard the obvious bad shots where the bird flew away, then if I have a good shot of the bird in focus, discard the out of focus ones. The next step is to enlarge and crop the shots I do have. Again more winnowing. The bad grainy shots are thrown away, unless of course a bad grainy shot is all I have of a particular species. (I do not have a decent picture of a Blue-black Grassquit, but I do have some really bad ones with enough information to let me know that it is a Blue-black Grassquit.)

Everything is then labeled with my personal metadata and keyword information about the shot. The keeper shots are then given more post production tweaking for brightness and contrast. Then there is the  rechecking to make sure I have the right species, and the research on the ones I am not sure about. I have been spending a lot of time doing this. A lot of time. So today, I am doing a Photoshop fast and will not be adding or checking or tweaking any images. I need a day to give it a rest.