Still More Nests

Still More Nests

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatán, Mexico

I remember many, many rears ago, before internet surfing and even before the invention of the remote control, there was the Ringling Brothers three ring circus, the original I-can’t-see-it-all-at once, channel switching experience. Here there were three separate acts going on at once, plus various clown performing at the edges. My attention was scattered, flitting from one venue to the next. Here the purpose was to leave you with impression that you had not seen it all. It was exhausting, but exhilarating  

I feel like this now, birding in my back yard. There are the two finished nests with the parents coming and going. Now there are two more nests being built.

I prefocus my camera on one area waiting for the birds to appear, when there is action at the other nest. I know that if I just wait birds will appear in my pre-focused range. But…but…there is action taking place elsewhere, and I may miss a good shot. 

And I can’t forget the Clay Robin’s nest in the front yard. Mom spends most of here time in the nest, but she changes here position now and then.

One of the nests is of the Yellow-faced Grassquit. These are tiny birds about two inches long. Their nest is being built in a bush ten feet from my back porch and is is only three feet off the ground, If my neighbors cats should find them, they are doomed. The grassquits have very high energy and never stay in one place very long. But they do seem to have favorite landing spots, so my tactic is to prefocus the camera and wait. 

Yellow-faced Grassquit male with nesting material
Yellow-faced Grassquit female with nesting material