Location: Santa Elena, Yucatán, Mexico

Most of birdwatching is spent simply watching birds. I realize to a non-birder this sounds incredibly dull. (I guess each of us finds our passions in our own places. For me, watching golf on TV is a mystery of tedium. Yet someone must enjoy it or they wouldn’t have bothered to broadcast it.) Perhaps it would make more sense if you considered it a form of meditation. 

Nonetheless, I spent a lot of time sitting on my back porch with my camera ready to simply observe the birds, and to study how they spent their day. The weather was in the nineties, but that was OK with me, I simply stripped down to a simple pair of shorts. Then after the rains, came the mosquito larvae, and after the larvae, came the mosquitoes. What was once enjoyable for hours now became annoying after a few seconds. My daily pleasure became sour and I became grumpy.

But we humans are adaptable. The temperatures are now in the seventies, so I wear socks, long pants, an extra long shirt and big hat and facial covering. I feel like a beekeeper, but I am getting back to my birds.