How do you sleep at night?

Location: Henderson, Nevada

I am back home to my Southern Nevada abode.
Sleeping in my own bed.
The bed is memory foam. But the bed does not remember me.

Apparently it is short term memory foam.

We wrestle for position most of the night.
It ends in a draw.

Perhaps it will remember me tomorrow.
And then after a few days,it will conform to my sleep positions.

Then I will leave, for a few weeks or a months and upon my return we will rediscover each other all over again.

The question then becomes,
“Do we reframe our memories to adjust to the present, or do we reframe the present to adjust to our memories?”

What are you doing in Mexico?

Location: Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico

For the next few months, we will be shifting our international headquarters to Santa Elena, Yucatan, Mexico.

I have been acquiring property over the last year and now have about 280 acres of land. This includes vast tracks of forest jungle, and some possible archaeological features. We are currently employing machete men and chain experts to clear out some trails to see exactly what we have. This is in the Puuc region of the Yucatan.

I am learning to speak Spanish and Mayan to communicate with the workers and the townsfolk. Foreign language has never been one of my skills, but I do not think the Yucatan is going to adapt “English only” anytime soon.

The ancient Maya built vast pyramids at Uxmal and Kabah about a thousand years ago. In Santa Elena, they constructed more modest structures, although I am told that when the Spanish came four hundred and fifty years ago they tore down a Maya pyramid and used the stones to build the Santa Elena Cathedral. I can see old building stones in the stone porches of the buildings in town. The archaeologist in me is quite excited in threading the ground where the ancient Maya built their civilization.

Concurrent with this, in the flatlands of the property I have several acres of neem and avocado trees. And they have just planted several hundred lime trees and a score of coconut palms. We have plans to expand into experimental organic agriculture. I am a city boy, and don’t know much about agriculture, but I worked with a lot of back-to-the-land hippies in my youth, and have to admit there is a real satisfaction in drinking orange juice that came from one’s own trees.

Sadly, they tell me that the tequila agave plant does not grow well in these soils. But, we can always experiment. Who knows?

At your age, why are you still playing dress-up?

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Because I refuse to act my age, that’s why.

James Steampunk 1

I am attending Steamathon II in Las Vegas. I am here mainly to support Doc Phineas in his endeavors to make history fun and spark a well needed dose of whimsy and fashion into the world.

I was asked to speak on “Burning Man as an Alternative Reality.” This is not a hard topic for me to talk on. I have lots of pretty Burning Man pictures, and this helps me to keep my lecturing skills up to date.

But in reality the event gives me a chance to wax my mustache, don some flashy garb, and buy another hat.

One really can not have too many hats.

What do you do?

Location: Walker Lake, Nevada

Again, this is an essay question.

I am a photographer archiving my past work, and involved is several ongoing photo projects.
I am a producer for Mystic Madness Myth and Media.
I am a businessman starting up a Transformational Journey program.
I am an archaeologist, studying the ancient Maya.
I am a speaker giving presentations at various conventions and seminars.
I am an agronomist, working with experimental agriculture.
I am an owner of multiple properties, building a new structure, and making plans for more.
I am a stock investor working to finance the start up of all these projects.

Can I do this on my own?

No, I have found much to my surprise, that I have scaled up to where I can no longer work as a sole individual, or as a two person partnership, but am now a corporate executive over a complicated empire. I am blessed with a terrific staff, but all of us are in for some very interesting times.

What a shock. My wife tells me that sometimes I am developing the mindset of a typical startup executive.

She does not mean this as a complement.

Where are you from?

Location: Lahaina, Hawaii

For many the question “Where do you live and what do you do?” requires a simple answer.

For others it is an essay question.

I divide my time between my hacienda in the Yucatan, a palm tree grove in Maui, the ancient desert waters of Walker Lake, the art ghettos of San Francisco and the sacred hills above Las Vegas. All places where myth and reality have become so commingled that there is not actual distinction between the real and the surreal.

I was born in Kentucky and still get nostalgic with the scents of bluegrass, horses, honeysuckle and bourbon whiskey. As a young man I worked briefly as a community organizer in Chicago, but was too much of an anarchist to catapult this into a political career. Instead, I spent the early seventies as a road hippy exploring the counter-cultural phenomenon that then blossomed throughout America. Since then I have worked as an archaeologist, photo lab technician, van driver, librarian, tech writer, mailman, cat breeder, investor and other miscellaneous trades.