A day of rest and recovery

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

We are still in Antigua. Several in our party have had a case of the runs, and last night was my turn. I take some Loperamide, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. By mid-afternoon I am back to my normal self. It is a good thing that today was a free day, so I just take my time exploring the city.

Street in Antigua, Guatemala

I saw some interesting craft shops and found some more masks. I visit the old public laundry where there are about twenty stone basins where the local ladies came to do their wash.

Public Laundry at Antigua, Guatemala

We spend our last night out at a fancy restaurant and get rowdy and tell stories and give our farewells.

Marta, our group leader, telling stories

Antigua, Guatemala, where the volcanos and earthquakes make their home.

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

The city was founded in 1543, and was originally the capital of Guatemala, but the place seemed to be prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. So in 1776 they finally decided that this may not be the best place to put a major city, so they abandoned the town and moved the capital to Guatemala City.  Antigua, Guatemala is popular with tourists, both the rich and the backpackers. The place looks clean and prosperous. The only buildings that I saw that were over one story, were buildings constructed over two centuries ago.

Church ruins in Antigua, Guatemala

Most of the old buildings were  churches, several of them repurposed into hotels. The exposed foundations show a signature mixture of bricks and basalt.

Ruins in Antigua, Guatemala

Volcanos loom over the city in all directions,

Volcano at Antigua, Guatemala

and the streets are paved with chunks of basalt.

Paving stones at Antigua, Guatemala

We visit a candle making shop and a jade workshop.

Candle shop in Antigua, Guatemala

The hotel room has a mirror, but not over the sink.  If I was still into shaving, this would have been rather awkward.

Bathroom in Antigua, Guatamala

There was a dresser and TV stand, but no desk or chairs, and no decorations on the wall. It had a modern shower, but low fired brick tiles on the floor that leave your feet more gritty after you shower than before. On the other hand it has the best sheets of any place I stayed in Guatemala.