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James Stanley Daugherty, The Inn Keeper

There is a secluded inn nestled between the small pueblo of Santa Elena and the vast Yucatán forests.


It is a wonderful viewing place for bird watching the resident Flycatchers and Orioles, and the migrating Yucatán Jays and Painted Buntings. Hundreds of species have been seen here, and you cannot go for twenty seconds with out hearing a bird call out in the jungle somewhere.


The inn is the most convenient headquarters to explore the Maya Puuc archaeological sites of Uxmal , Labnah, Kabah , and Sayil. Here you can touch the stones, marvel at the architecture, and climb the pyramids that the ancient Maya built a thousand years ago. The grounds of hotel are part of the Nohcacab archaeological area and down the street from where the explorers Stevens and Catherwood made their headquarters.


The inn’s trails and gardens offer a wonderful place to meditate and explore. It is a comfortable place to sample Yucatán cusine, and a restful place to simply relax in a hammock or sit by the pool.


The visitors who come here are primarily world travelers who plan their own travels. They are people who have come to accept synchronicity as part of their journey.   Some of our guests come for the quiet and solitude. With these we see that they are comfortable and offer them the privacy to do their work, their contemplations, or simply a offer a place for them to re-explore their relationship with their partner. Others would like some local advice as they plan their daily excursions to the missions, haciendas cenotes and archaeological sites. Here we offer books, maps, and personal insights. Many have stories to tell, and I enjoy hearing stories. I enjoy telling stories. I enjoy being a host. I love my job.


You must come visit us at the Flycatcher Inn. We look forward to meeting you.


James Stanley Daugherty
Flycatcher Inn, Santa Elena, Yucatán, Mexico