Private: What do you think of sour grapes?

I do not know much about sour grapes, but I am learning about sour oranges.

I have always enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. But, picking it off the tree, juicing it and serving it right away, brings a whole new standard to the meaning of freshness.

The oranges on our tree are sour oranges, similar to the Seville orange, and were brought in by the Spaniards many centuries ago. They taste like the bergamot flavoring in Earl Grey tea or the oranges in marmalade.

I like to add water and a bit of sugar and drink it like lemonade.

The locals have used this orange for centuries to flavor their traditional cuisine. If you ever get down to this region, be sure to ask for some Cochinita pibil.

I had some last night, and highly recommend it.

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