The Mystic Madman

Mystic Madness Myth & Media is a production house for photographic, video and audio programs and products.

James has dealt with the first six decades of life and is contemplating on how to deal with the next six. He and the Mystic Madness Myth & Media team are working on producing a series of Qi Gong videos featuring the instructor Justin Nielsen of Four Directions Healing Arts. The video series will appeal to both beginners and long time practitioners and allow them to follow along with Justin and progress at their own rate. James is particularly excited about the “Geezer Gong” program that will concentrate on movements for the more mature practitioner.

James strives to explore life with a sense of beauty, a sense of humor, and a sense of wonder. Some feel that his ventures take him a little beyond the expected boundaries, and call him a Mystic Madman. He has come to embrace the title. But, for him the greatest pleasure is not to just experience these qualities, but to share them with others. This is why he helped to found the production house of Mystic Madness Myth & Media.