The Photographer

James says that photographers and digital artists are in fact cyborgs, creatures possessing a human conciseness, but requiring machines to enable their art. The byproducts of their union are images, the most interesting of which can serve as a catalyst to stir the feelings, thoughts, and visions of those who view them.

James looks for the spiritual component of the visual world around us Many know him for his spiritual nudes , while others admire his visions of archaeological sites , palm trees, portraits, or fire.

Having been a photographer for over thirty-five years, he still finds the camera to be one of the most magical tools ever invented.
Although classically trained in photography at University of Auckland, New Zealand and the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, he feels that the only way to improve your craft is to master the technical tools, keep shooting, never be afraid to change direction and to always take time to play.

His work has been shown in numerous art galleries and museums throughout Europe and America, but he is most pleased with the art acquired by individuals.